Pasta Masters!
by Ben Jackson | December 22nd, 2015

Last Thursday the N3RD crew headed to Jamie Oliver’s 'Recipease' in Notting Hill for our Christmas Party. 

There we were taught how to be true 'pasta masters' - creating fresh pasta from scratch, using only flour, egg and the power our bare hands. All in all, we managed to craft some delicious tagliatelle (some even managed to extend their pasta skills to 'farfalle' too). After perhaps adding a little TOO much wine to the sauce, we then proceeded to devour the evidence –which even included a moorish panettone for dessert which magically appeared from the shelves of the Jamie Oliver store. We left both educated and a little inebriated, which is all you could ask for!

Then we were off to Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park. It's a huge collection of fairground rides, markets, bars, cafes, restaurants and live music. After a hard sell getting a the clan of N3RDs on the London bus system, we finally arrived at our destination and headed directly for a German inspired bar to warm ourselves up and shelter from the rain that had decided to unleash itself upon the christmas crowd.

Eventually we ventured out and tried our luck on some of the rides. After a rather dissapointing roller coaster, some of the team ended up on a terrifying ride which a few of them did not actually recover from for the rest of the night! There was a lot of violent spinning around in all directions - which apparently didn't mix too well with wine, beer and pasta! We finally stumbled into the massive beer hall to finish the night with live music and thousands of other jovial Londoners. 

A small party continued on to a glorious hotel reception on the edge of Hyde Park, proudly flouting all of the dress code rules in our Xmas jumpers. All in all, a great night – as you can see above!


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